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Doorbell Issues Answered

I have a problem with my doorbell, and it's driving me insane. A couple of weeks ago I decided to fix our doorbell, one that has not worked for a very long time (decades).

I replaced the grommets that go on the tone bars. I cleaned the plungers and everything. It worked just fine, until about a week ago. Sometimes it will ring, sometimes it's very quiet, sometimes it doesn't ring at all, and sometimes it will do a short ring (the ring doesn't last very long, like it used to).

Also, it is about 40 years old.
Another thing, the switch is rated at 16V, and I'm using an 18V doorbell, could this cause the circuit to not complete properly?

Here is a picture of it (cover removed)
I thought by putting hot glue on the grommets would help, but it didn't. The pic shows the glue, but now it is removed.



7 years ago

It's working now. I stretched the spring out some.

sounds like the rating of 18v. means it didn't have the strength to push it consistently, so I am glad you found a solution, albeit it may be temporary.

.  To test the unit, short between FRONT and TRANS. (or TRANS. and REAR). If everything is working OK, then the problem is in the switch and/or wiring as Kiteman suggests. If it doesn't work, then you need to do some more cleaning (the plungers must move freely throughout their range of motion) and you may need to replace the coil(s).
.  The 2V difference shouldn't be a problem. Plus, the system voltage will probably drop when the coil is energized.
.  The RTV will mute the bars.


7 years ago

You're probably right about the spring. Do you recommend getting a new doorbell, or can it be fixed?

Fixed or replaced - after all, this is a maker site, not a shopping site.

Have a look at the spring in the bell-push, see if you can find something similar in your scraps box, and maybe also check to see if the contacts need cleaning?

My first thought is not the bell, but the push-switch of the wire between switch and bell.

I sounds like a loose contact or wire cracked inside the insulation.

Or maybe the spring inside the bell-push is giving up?