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Dorkbot on the Beeb. Answered

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Before there were makers there were dorks, many of whom went to Dorkbot meetings to watch people do strange things with electricity.

The Dorkbot movement was started by New York artist Douglas Repetto but they have grown far beyond the original idea of "dorks in New York" that he conceived. Now the world is dotted with Dorkbot chapters and the regular London gathering is one of the busiest.

BBC story, with video of high-voltage music machines.

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JKibs95 (author)2009-07-03

Oh... thought the title was "Doorknob on the Beach"... Eyesight...

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canida (author)2009-06-30

Sweet! Dorkbot is pretty awesome - good to hear the London chapter is thriving.

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Kiteman (author)canida2009-07-01

I won't go near their website, though - it's a poorly-managed wiki, riddled with spam and NSFW links.

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