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Double Pistol... Answered

Here is my new pistol but its kinda different from others. its a 2 in 1 pistol. what do you all think should i post or destroy and use the pieces on something else?


Triggers AFTER the mag? Looks like it would have disastrous ranges.

most handle loading side arms have that: the ammo is behind the trigger.

actually, i find them more reliable than normal mag fed guns

Why don't you guys make a side arm the "right way" then?

Mepain did, it actually fired more then 6 feet. His had removable mags that were actually in front of the trigger for once.

Why do you have to be so harsh? A side arm in knex is like a side arm in real life. They aren't made for distance. They're made as a small, compact weapon for close range back ups. Why do you guys have to be all about function? It seems no one is into things that are just cool or new. You guys just want things that, yes may be new, but are primarily about function.

if it must be new then, why do you get mad at me making pistols the way i do?

as soon as i posted that i new u were going to say that... lol
ok so you keep saying that i need new pistols and thats fine. (they were getting kinda repetitive)
then u say "You guys just want things that, yes may be new, but are primarily about function." and you said they were getting harsh about wanting new stuff right? now im confused about u wanting new from me and whatever they make in side arms from them...? not trying to be mean here...

I'm not talking about new stuff I'm talking about function. I love new stuff. I just hate when it's all about function.

o ok. i dont make them all about function though. i pretty much used the same mech but used different looks altho they were differernt in small ways. the double pistol was pretty cool though.

That's what I've been saying! You need to try something new rather than using the same design, modifying it, and posting it as a new gun. It needs some bigger changes.

ok but you said it doesnt need to be new with the mech earlier

Believe me, I like things that are cool, that's why I made a shell gun. But really, what is the point of something that doesn't work well? Sure a handle loading mag is cool, but it has been done so many times that it just gets to a point where its not cool anymore. Once all of your goobers see your shell ejecting stuff, there is going to be a ton of those for a while until they die out as well.

Ok thats fine but i havent seen any like this with one on top of the other why dont you go put this on another pistol without one one top where it would make more sense. btw this gun does work well, great in fact.


why dont you go put this on another pistol without one one top where it would make more sense.

Can you please re-write this so it would make more sense?

I take it he means "why don't you add this pistol to another pistol to make two different, connected pistols" Just a guess though.

It's not just cool but size efficient. It's like that because people keep using my same handle. If people could just look into new designs like how zak did with the handle loading magazine then it would still be awesome. I never said that gun shouldn't work well but it doesn't need to work perfectly. As long as it shoots reliably and it shoots decently in power and accuracy I don't see the need to get it to shoot as far and accurate as possible.

yes! and rifles/snipers are for power and range- not pistols

mine fires like 35 feet! its just one on top of the other pretty much

you gotta give him points for originality tho.

Mepain made one a LONG time ago... his was even one handed.

never saw it. maybe because i wasnt here a LONG time ago....

yes, the firing pin has to push the ammo more, but it also gives it a farther draw back. and because of the way the barrel is made, the front-bottom rail is down more, so the ammo does not rub on it.

I see you haven't taken physics yet. Or read my physics article on KI.

You would have an even farther draw back if the trigger was behind the mag.

hi uh I know this is the wrong place but no one would answer me anywhere else um I have the knex big air ball tower and the ripping rocket (something like that) rollercoaster. Also some parts left over from the starburst spinner set. I'm wanna make a good gun cause I already have one pistol but I wanna know what gun can I make using those parts and how powerful. id like it to be a sniper but most of the snipers I don't think I have pieces for. don't worry about difficulty I can build anything (not to brag) also if it has a magazine thats even better cause I hate manual reloading

if you want range, try viccie's rifles (sipriani 1 or 2, White tiger V2 etc.) But if you want really realistic sniping, Try my sniper (tjsrv4) or mepains, his doesn't take too many pieces.