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Download Your Own Instructables Robot Cursors Answered

There simply is no doubt that Instructables is an incredible website. Unfortunatley, one can not spend all their computer time browsing Instructables. Perhaps this is merely the realization of an unavoidable truth: that our busy lives don't leave enough time to faithfully give our respects to the orange robot who rules our bizarre craft-oriented cult. How could one possibly solve such a predicament?

In true Instructables fashion, I decided to address this dire concern by making things myself! I decided my windows computer interface needed to be instructable-ized, so I appointed the instructaables robot as my official cursor. He has lights that blink, antennas that wiggle, and he clicks to my command. He has become a whole series of cursors that appear on my computer. If you fancy these little robot pointers, you may take one of each! I am sharing the cursors with my fellow indestructablers. Just un-zip the files, select them as your cursors in your computer's preferences and dang skippy, you got yourself a instructablized computer!

Please tell me what you think, and thanks for reading, and hacking!

Edit: I haven't once looked at this page since I wrote it ages ago. I was thirteen. I find it incredible that I grew up with Instructables and Maker culture as a whole. It's a gift only hundreds of strangers on the internet could give a young, aspiring creator.

Also, I loved having these cursors.


Hmm, I am somewhat confused about how to convert winzip files into my cursor.

You have to un-zip them. If they are cursers, I believe they will have the extension of .cur

Sorry about the confusion. I first uploaded the files individualy, but they came up as some incrypted code; not very easy to deal with. (The following download instructions are for windows, and I'm not sure if these will even work with an other OS). The zipped file, however, can be opened eazily. Simply click, and a window pops up with the interogative of whether or not you would like to save, open, or not do anything with my cursors. They are somewhat hard to deal with if you just open them, so I suggest saving them to your documents. After you have them saved, open my computer, then your harddisk, then WINDOWS, then Cursors. Then through the simple copying and pasting, add the cursors to the Cursors folder. Once you are done, delete the cursors previous folder. Go to the control panel, mouse, pointers, and select the cursors you want for what by browsing through the Cursors folder! BTW, has anyone tried them out? Please tell me what you think, a series 2 is on it's way!

I tried them out, I like them a lot! I use the roboNO one, but what I don't like is that it turns into a normal cursor when loading, though.

Oh yeah, the still cursors end in .cur, but the animated cursors end in .ani.

Right click > Extract here > Then set them on the preferences on the control panel

I already figured it out, but thanks anyway.

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/home/yourname/.kde3.5/share/robot1.*** ?

btw where is the directory for mouse cursors in Linux?

ohh, jeez, never thought of any other operating system! uhh. hmm. I'll have to try and find a way to make them compatible with linux , if they arent right now.

LLAMA! You had me scared! i find that un amusingg!