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Download, record, save YouTube videoclips to my PC? ? Answered

Which YouTube Downloader is good and can also convert youtube videclips to blackberry format?
I am looking for a good software to download, save youtube files to my PC and convert to mobile phone formats. I'd rather that the youtube downloader also converted the youtube videos so I need a all-in-one YouTube Downloader and Converter Freeware. Can anyone help? 


Well yeah, I say this  Tunebite YouTube Downloader app is pretty easy to use, even if you are a beginner and you were thinking that it's not an easy job to record, download, save YouTube videos to pc. And anyways if you need help using Tunebite YouTube Downloader that tutorial I mentioned on how to save youtube videos with its help is pretty useful.

Plus it's a also very useful app since it offers you a ton of other features and you could practically record or capture almost anything you watch on the web, at least I found it to come in handy in this sort of situtations that require an app to help you save and convert streaming videos.

Cool, that Tunebite YouTube Downloader  actually looks pretty cool.  Was poking around that link for the tutorial on how to save YouTube videos with Tunebite and also found this video tutorial on it:


From the looks of it I think i'm gonna try it too, especially since I saw mentioned that I could use this Tunebite app to capture, download, save streaming videos from other such video portals.  I've been dying to download some videos from Myspace and  from a couple more video websites, besides saving youtube videos of course.

Hope it's extra easy to use...

I think it depends on what you wanna watch the freshly saved youtube videos on, because if you just save Youtube videos as flv  files than you'd only be able to watch them on your pc with a player that supports flv files playback.

Of course if you'd like to be able to watch them easier  or maybe to  transfer the saved YouTube videos to cell phone or other mobile devices, than  a Youtube Downloader app installed on the pc is a safer bet and can do a better job.

If you're interested in a reliable YouTube Downloader, I think you should also take a look at Tunebite YouTube Downloader. Its YouTube Downloader does a great job  and you can easily use it  to record, download, convert and save Youtube videos for pc or cell phone, and even more you can actually use it to record and convert videos from a lot of other video portals besides YouTube , like for example Hulu, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vimeo and many others.
You can also use this YouTube Downloader to save YouTube music videos to mp3, if you need such a feature.

Check out this tutorial on Tunebite YouTube Downloader  Freeware and how to save YouTube videos , if you run into any problems.

Hope this helps you shed some light on how to download and convert YouTube videos for you Blackberry cell phone.

Well, I for one think that most of those YouTube downloader websites are not that reliable, to start with. Not to mention the fact that these YouTube downloaders  probably offer you basic features to download, record, save YouTube videos to your hard disk, which means you mainly can save YouTube videos as flv videos.

I am definitely sure that some YouTube Video Downloader app installed on your pc will do a much better job at saving YouTube videos. It could also be able to offer you more advanced features for recording and converting YouTube videos, which should definitely be a plus.

I say you should try some YouTube video Downloader app and see how it goes to save YouTube video with their help.

Mozilla add-ons are pretty good  if you need some basic features to help you record, download and save YouTube videos to pc.
Of course you're not gonna find exactly a specific youtube video downloader add-on , but rather some streaming video downloader or flash video downloader add- on for this job.

You can take a look, for example, at  video download helper add-on for mozilla, it also can be used as a youtube downloader and if I recall correctly it also offered some features that should help you convert Youtube to 3gp or other cell phone compatible formats.

Try it and see  if it works for you.

You guys should look into easier methods to download and save YouTube videos to the hard disk.
I think you should actually also take a look at some mozilla add-ons, as far as I know they have a couple of youtube video downloader add-ons that are pretty easy to install for mozilla.
Those should make it easier for you capture, download and save Youtube videos on pc. If you look into them you should also find some youtube video downloader add-on that might also be able to convert youtube from flv to 3gp or mp4 for your cell phone.

I usually download and save YouTube videos  and record flash videos from video streaming websites similar with YouTube with the help of  some of those online streaming video download websites.
Some of these web based video downloaders are  pretty efficient and it's much easier to save Youtube videos with their help than with other methods like the one that involved saving YouTube videos from cache.
Take a look for example at tubezen, this one can capture, download and save YouTube videos easily.
It is pretty useful when it comes to downloading YouTube videos if you ask me, but if  out don't like this one there are other such YouTube video downloaders, just search for a similar one.

Actually, there was another trick that could be used to capture, download and save YouTube videos to pc, if I recall correctly it involved adding some words in the url of the YouTube video you wanna save.

To download YouTube videos, you just have to find the YouTube video you need to download, take a look at the url and write there ok, after the www.  part  of the link and press enter.

You should get a save YouTube video link from where you can just download and save YouTube video to pc. Not sure about the part with how to convert YouTube videos, but look into it cause I think there also was a trick with ok and converting YouTube videos form flv to other format.

Hmm, save YouTube videos from the temp folder? I think this option to download YouTube videos is so overrated, if you don't mind me saying especially since there are better and easier ways to capture and save YouTube videos to the hard disk.

You can install some YouTube Video Downloader app on the pc, or if you just want to save some space on the hard disk, than there are some online websites  that could be used  to download and save YouTube videos  with just a few clicks.

Not sure although either  exactly which is the best format  you could convert YouTube videos into for blackberry. You can convert YouTube videos to 3gp  and would be pretty ok for watching on the BB; but if you want better quality that u should definitely try and convert YouTube to avi, if that format is supported by your blackberry phone, the quality of the saved YouTube video would definitely be better.
So you should try a YouTube converter that can convert YouTube to several file formats  and see which combination is the best for BB.

Well if you ask me there are a lot of options round the web  that could help you download, record, save YouTube video to pc.

If you did not know this, you don't even have to install some YouTube video downloader app to be able to save YouTube to pc. All you have to do is save YouTube videos from the temporary files folder.
To do this, go to the temporary files folder , find the YouTube video you want to save on pc, copy it to another folder so that the YouTube video will not be deleted when you empty the temporary files folder and here you have it: the most popular method to download,save YouTube videos to your hard disk.

As for the part about how to convert YouTube videos this is a bit trickyer, because the saved YouTube files will be in flv format so you need to search for a YouTube Video Converter or maybe a Flash video converter to help you convert YouTube videos you have saved from flv to 3gp, mp4 or whatever file format works best on your Blackberry.


This site my friend :)

then click on the green "download free studio" to get all the programs in one.

You'll find that you now have free youtube to video download, free youtube to mp3 download and convertors to any format you desire. They include special options for 3gp video, ipod and psp and iphone. But i think blackberry falls under the catagory for 3gp video.

Oh and many other programs you may find usefull :)

Also it's completely free and they don't bug you with ads or anything. Only if there's an update availeble they will give you a popup screen.

Oh and did I mention it was free? :D

Over on the right there is a col. labeled "RELATED".  You can find out how to download youtube vid.s there but I don't have a blackberry so I can't help you with the conversion but I'm sure someone will post an answer here.