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Dr. Who memorabilia Answered

I think my wife payed WAY too much for this......what do you think ?  ($10 us or a little over 6 £)

BTW:  the bottom reads:  Fan Club of America 
 Although it CAN be had on Amazon for about $7-$8 



Well, considering that if I bought one, I would be constantly aroused, then yes.  It is a good deal.

Well,  The Wild Wild  West had it's own sort of charm too ;-)  Kind of a High Chaparral meets Mission Impossible  :-) 


Your explenations are the only things I can work off, no Flash 8!

  Oh,  well Wild Wild West was an EARLY mixed show of western and Sci-fi.   I found it fascinating

Yes it's a favourite of mine, quite a different genre mix but deffinitely turned out very well.

Growing up when I did, I got to see a LOT of mechanical contrivances turn electronic.  One big one was the old punch card and card reader/interpreter system.   The interpreter was a WILD Rube Goldberg typ machine that sensed the holes mechanically (using little brushes and switches) and then printed WHAT was punched on the card, across the top of the card.  It was fascinating to watch with the side cover off.....all the levers and gears, and oblong cams and etc.  And (cargon) resistors as big around as your little finger   LOL 

When I was younger (5-10 years old) when ever I wanted to make something I always thought either electronic or mechanical when ever I wonderred how it could be done, and it's funny to see how as I learn more in electronics, my creations are slowly slowly leaning towards the electrical spectrum of building.

Mechanics, I am ok at, but making 'specific parts' tends to be harder for me for some reason....electronics; well, those parts are mostly already made :-) 

Mechanics are generally a lot easier, if not a lot bigger, because you can fabricate your own materials. But with electronics, you don't know if a 500 pf capacitor would be better than a 10 nf if you want to make something to do a specific thing.

  Well, the problem with mechanics is, you CAN fabricate your own materials (sometimes) if you have the proper tools.  Many times, I have only a soldering pencil for cutting thin plastics (that should make some purists cringe LOL), or for drilling larger holes in plastics; and besides a set of nippers and a cordless drill, not much else (I forgot, I have a hack saw with dull blades, and a router, with 2 duller bits, a slightly warped hand saw, a bottle capper, without a source of caps, and a vise without a sturdy enough table to attach the beast to   ;-)

It's amazing what you can do with what you got with a mind that's set on making, a friend's dad makes chain maille, viking helmets, shields, swords and is currently working on a set of plate armour.

And he does all this with a rather small set of tools.

He's amazing.

I can be ecclectic when I have to time or the room for it.  Right now, I guess my little 4' X 5' space with all my tools, a bench a table a chair, and all my supplies in it, tends to make me feel a bit cramped and unmotivated.

We've got a huge garage with tonnes of tools, but most of it's for storage from when we lived on a farm and had fencing tools and every thing else. Most of the time I just move what I need outside and work there, makes me feel like the sun's shining down at my making skills or something happy like that. :P

But when you need electric tools instead of hand tools I must once again move back to the shed with barely any room.

I've recieved that response twice in a row now, from two different people.

thats cool !

Thanks, yeah, if I do "take it out and wear it" it will only be on really special occasions :-) 

I think that a good price, it should appreciate in value, whether it beats the stock-market in your lifetime I don't know. Old Dr Who videos are going for £2 on myt open market (down from £3) and that's expensive for VHS these days.


Hmmm,  yes, and this pin is in VERy good (prime) condition.  I should probably try to keep it that way  :-) 


That form of the logo hasn't been used for years.

Really ?   Nice.....thank you.....I must now go and praise my wife again. :-)