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Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Answered

I'd love to make a realistic looking and sounding sonic screwdriver from Dr Who, but have no idea how. Anyone have any ideas?


I've never watched Doctor Who. Is it decent? How could I watch it in the US?

In the US. Are you like me one of the rare American Dr Who fans?

I am a Doctor Who fan, but I'm not sure whether they're really rare since I do know a couple of them myself.

Really? Where I live know even has heard of Dr. Who! Ironically when I ask them "have you heard of Dr who?" they reply "Who?"

That's weird, in my high-school there's at least 6 or 7 people (including me) who love doctor who.

One of the greates shows their is. Witty and good for the entire family.

Watch Series 1 from 2005 its the best then series 2 from 2006

Where can I watch them?

How do I watch the episodes on BBC? They don't seem to work... :-(

We Americans apparently can't. SNAP!!! But youtube has full episodes in installments. Shhhh! ;)

Can you give me the link to the channel that has the Doctor Who episodes? Thanks!

BBC iPlayer, or just BitTorrent. =)

Don't know sorry :(

Easiest way is to order the DVDs from Amazon. Start with the 4th Doctor as he is the coolest, then if ya like the show, get the shows from the other Doctors (there are 11 in all right now except for Doctor #8, he only has he one movie). If you start with current Doctor, Matt Stone, you'll probably be disappointed.

If you have netflix you can get the newer seasons 1-4 on demand in a sense.
and Its not Matt Stone, its Matt Smith, and he is Quite brilliant! not as brilliant as D.T. but brilliant none the less!

I get sci-fi. I'll have to see when they are on...

Thay Played voyage of the Dammed on the telly last night. was brilliant!

wish i could get that wihtout having to pay for all the other ones. no cable for me.

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I made a working sonic screwdriver that turns some types of screws-- NOT wood screws; even the Doctor's doesn't do wood. It used an XR 2206 chip to modulate a 13 kHz oscillator made from a cheap 4046 IC and a few support parts. About $10 worth of parts but to make the casing-- the kind used by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Doctors-- out of aluminum, that was expensive.

It worked well, but I could never get the switch right. Either the circuit worked or I could make the casing slide up and down, but I couldn't figure out how to do both. A bummer, that...

Just look for it on Netflix or Xfinity, just do a search on your TV. Thats what I did, now I'm obsessed

To hell with appearance and sound, make a REAL sonic screwdriver (or at least something portable and small that has a few of the favorite features)

Well, one could make it "sonic" without much trouble, but it wouldn't "work" like the one on the show :-) but it could aggrevate the hearing of persons under 30, and dogs, cats, and rodents :-)

I was thinking a shrunk rfid reader and spoofer (to open up cars or doors and mess with retail stuff) with some sort of jammer and other stuff. I have a list written down, it would use an accelerometer/gyro for gestural input to control functions.

Ah yes, and if you could shrink down the TV b-gone you could really freak a few people out LOL

There are quite a few versions.....which (nit WITCH) doctor are you referring to?

try watching Dr Who on "NetFlix"

I'm trying to make mine with the LED Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick from here:http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/98f8/. it got the light, the shape,finding batteries is a hassle though. all you need to do is remove the magnetized cap, then pull out the little round nub at the other end, unscrew it, pull out the clip,and super glue it in place. super glue the led too because if you push on it at all it'll go inside the thing. when im done ill put up an instructable, but that's all i got so far.

ooooh, nice find! thankyou. i might have to get one of them!

ive been trying to make one out of leatherman parts and add an led flashlight so it would be real useful. ive got the shape right just having  trouble machining the rounded surface to cover one side of the handle


8 years ago

You can buy a life sized sonic screwdriver toy/prop that's freaking awesome, ordering mine soon. Just google doctor who srewdriver toy.  

yes, someone gave me one a few months ago but it's such horrible cheep plastic, and the size is all wrong. sounds good but not very loud. :(

Really? The TV show revamped the prop screwdriver on the mold of the toy, so the size should be the same. As for the plasctis, yeah, I figured it would be cheap, but hey, If you know someone who's good in the shop, he could make a full metal one.

Man, that would be freaking sweet!

hm, perhaps david tennant just has really big hands? the thing was ginormous.

Well he does seem like a tall, skinny type, so I am guessing he has big hands.  

This here's my attempt at making a Sonic Screwdriver version of the tv-b-gone. I've been unable to find anything to make the enclosure out of yet, I guess my imagination is lacking. I added a separate button right next to the tv-b-gone button that activates the UV Led. This allows for them both to run if you want the full Doctor experience, or if you'd like to conserve battery life you can just hit one at a time. The UV light is bright enough to act as a makeshift flashlight as well. If anyone has any enclosure ideas that are cheap and awesometacular, please help a poor guy out. I'm hoping to make it look as sonic screwdrivery as possible.


Thanks! I'll have to check those out when I hape a minute.