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Drafts??? Answered

Someone please help me I've been trying to figure  out how to navigate to my drafts folder for some time and I cannot find anyone else who has had the same issue with a solution. I started and saved a few drafts and watched the little "Saved!" message pop up but how do I go back to edit it again? I'll take a screenshot of what my page looks like right now. 

I can't tell if this site is just poorly constructed or if it's just not working properly at the moment.  Or maybe I'm just missing something obvious! I don't have any previous experience using this site, I'm just using it for a project for college. I tried using a different browser (I'm on Chrome but I also tried Firefox) but that didn't help. I also looked through some "how to make instructables" classes but it's all about how to like.. take good pictures and stuff and not how to use the website's features. :(

I would really appreciate some instruction! Thanks in advance!



It looks like my image wasn't included for some reason so I'll try to upload it again. This is what my instructables webpage looks like when I'm logged in:



You should see your drafts when you click the "You" button on the top right of the page. I see that you have three drafts, and everything else appears normal with your account. Do you see them now?

Sam (seamster)

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i also have this problem, can youhelp me i dont see any draft


Click on the word "You" in the upper right of any page, and you should see a menu open up with drafts as an option to click on. It looks like this:

drafts in you menu.jpg

you seem to be awnsering all these questions about finding back a started but not published íble.
why dont i have `Instructables` and `Drafts` in between the `Feed` and `New Instructable` buttons?
i'm a pro member...

i've seen heaps of started forumthreads and 'ibles concerning this issue and really needs to be adressed by the moderators here!
its like you guys have to manually unlock this option per author; "i see them now" and "i swear it wasn't there before" and things like "my dropdownmenu is different" or "i dont have a "you" button" are things i read frequently but is something that doesn't belong on a site with this concept. "drafts" as well as "create new instructable" should be in your screen *constantly* to motivate people to finish what they started.

oh and yes, i'm also looking for my "saved" 'íble...
(maybe now my "drafts"button will also have magically appeared)

Drafts ibles.jpg

Try logging out and back in, or clearing your browser cache. From what I see, the issues of first drafts or first Instructables not appearing seems to be resolved and show the updated changes once you display a fresh page.

Yep, I see them now! Thanks for the assistance!