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Dragon's breath. Schematic needed, 10 LED's chase, appear the flame to be "blowing", light in sequence, repeat Answered



The "Dragon" is a design cast into the spare tire cover. I have a black denim cover, the "face" has been fiberglassed - dragon applied over that - coated with casting resin < so the dragon shows thru. Result = a flexible cover with a flat/hard surface that I intend to "LED-up" when the brake light comes on. May only be visable in darkness. I want the "fire" to appear to be blowing - not just a static display. < 14" in length ) There will be 10 - 13 12v. LED's. I would like 2 or 3 pairs to light at the same time, if possible. The 555 + 4017 IC's seem best suited to handle the voltage,

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12 V. (auto) > 555 IC + 4017 IC - to 10-13 LED's. > backlighting in casting resin 'picture of fire-breathying dragon. LED's cast into the resin of the "fire" and chase when the brake lights come on. What ( if any ) resistor is needed before the IC's. I can get 12 v. LED's at Radio Shack. Will the 4017 IC power two LED's coming out of a single pin ? The schematic is of a simple 10 LED chaser The IC's seem to be capable of using 5 -14 volts The capacitors regulate the speed of the "flash"/sequence. There will be 10 to 13 LED's along the length of the "flame"

This sounds perfectly do-able but can you give a link to the circuit you're using? You may need to beef up the current to drive 2 LEDs. How big is the resin casting - Are we talking something on a car or is it a sculpture?