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Dremel Tips/Tricks Answered

Hi, I just got my Dremel yesterday (multipro 285 for £20) it ROCKS but I thought it would be good to have a forum topic for people to post tips/tricks about using their Dremel that they have pivked up/ made up.

Mine is this (Its in pdf format) but basically it is a way to use you dremel to quickly "Desolder" pcbs (~5 minutes or less per board!). Wht you do is put on a coarse (~60 grit) sanding drum and go over the back of the pcb. It is very dusty but afterwards the components just need a small pul with some pliars and your done.


Remember that a Dremel is high speed and low torque. Take off material slowly and a very little at a time. You don't wanna break it.


6 years ago

Lead solder does have lead. If you grind it away, you now have lead dust scattered over your work area, and possibly even ingested. If its lead free, no worries. With the proper desoldering tools or a hot air rework station, you can do the same task without the dust, just as fast, and salvage even the PCB.

thanks its a great idea!!!