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Dremel Tools? Answered

I am the normal, typical weekend DIY guy who's hobby is tinkering around the house. I love repairing things, always pitting my novice level experience against the odds of making a professional looking repair /replacement especially when successful, if I've saved myself a boatload of $$$ by doing the job myself. I take pride in quality and function or aesthetic appeal to creations of improvements in my home and lawn. I've heard that Dremel tool kits, once you ever use one, are one of the highest rated "must have" versatile products any man who enjoys the Tinkering hobby should have. True or false? If you agree, which would be your choice of Dremel tool and kit ? I know that I don't have to get the most powerful one, but I want enough power to get most DIY jobs accomplished in a reasonable time frame. I also know that I must have the "Quick change" attachment I've been told. Finally, corded power or rechargeable? Thanks, Dremel Dreamer

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-04-10

I use a WEN rotary tool, and once you get your own rotary tool you'll wonder how you got by without one!

The stock cutting wheels are brittle and garbage, I use the reinforced wheels with quick change head.

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