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Dremel just stopped Answered

Hi I was using my Dremel with a saw attachment cutting wood half way in the Dremel just stopped. The spindle rotates cleanly I have checked the fuse etc which is fine   There were noises at all love my Dremel helps me a lot in my hobby repairing and repanting Model buses cash a little shirt so I can’t just go out and buy a new one 




5 months ago

-Check brushes
-Check any Mosfets on the power control board
-Check the switch

If it just stopped dead with no other symptoms, I'd guess you have a bad power cord or the rectifier died.


5 months ago

Totally look at the brushes, as everyone posted.

We had some tile guys at our house who used my cheapo Harbor Freight grinder to cut cement board, and the grinder stopped working. The brushes were fine, but it turns out if you overuse/overheat the tool, the springs that hold the brushes loose temper, and stop being "springy." Could be as simple as that...

Phil B

5 months ago

I fixed a Dremel for my son-in-law. A continuity tester is necessary. A simple battery and flashlight bulb wired to probes to make a circuit will suffice. His Dremel showed a proper circuit through the brushes to the commutator and armature. But, one of the field coil wires showed a broken connection where it joins a pin connecting the stator to a squeeze terminal in the case of the Dremel. The break was not really discernible with s visual inspection, but clearly showed as a break with a continuity test. I scraped a little of the wire at its end and did my best to solder it to the back end of the pin. The Dremel works now, but it is not a great solder joint.

I'm a newbie and appreciate as detailed of help i can get with measurements and suggestions. I may not even use chuck but it is made for black and decker wizard rotary tool

I only have this for practice for a Dremel and FOREDOM.

I have a black and decker rtx-b rotary tool that is compatable with the Dremel 4486 chuck. I want to put a 3/8 24tpi chuck on it. I also want to put a 5/16" flexshaft on it at seperate times (FOREDOM type interchangeable handle). I don't know tools. I need to know what converter I need for each one. I also fit a micro gyros 0-0.39 clamping range.

It is usually the brushes and the commutator getting mucky.

Depending on the model you might have blown a temperature fuse or a standard one for that reason.
A dremel is not a power tool and only meant for light duty.
Balsa wood might be fine but above that you need to be careful with the speed and how much work the dremel does.

Does it smell burnt? Did you check to see if there's something wrong with the brushes? Maybe part of the cord got disconnected inside for some reason.