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Dress too small in the bust, zipper wont go up - can't alter? Answered

Hi there, I'm going to a party dressed as Tinkerbell and my friend has the perfect green dress to lend me. The problem is the fit is off in the bust area. The dress was made for her and so is not a standard size. I just tried it on, and it looks great from the front. BUT I can't zip it past my bust, which is much larger than hers. I can't alter the dress as it is not mine, so any ideas on how I could hide the back without it looking too obvious? It might help that I'm wearing wings...

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Libahunt (author)2014-10-06

I would add a cape like piece. If you have someone to help you before and after the party who can sew by hand a little then whatever you add can be secured on it's place nicely. And sewing with more stiches damages the fabric even less than a couple of safety pins.

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Vyger (author)2014-10-02

Well, this is a "guy" solution. Get another piece of fabric that compliments it and cut it to fill and bridge the area , the gap as it were, and either pin it in with safety pins or tape it on the inside with a tape that won't leave glue behind.

Glad its not shoes. For that you need a belt sander and a lot of bandaids.

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Triclaw (author)2014-10-02

use small spring clamps and ribbon to hold the back on and up


you can even cut one side off to hide it more

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