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Dried Glue? Answered

Any tips for cleaning up stray glue drips after it's dried, or is it just a utility knife and elbow grease?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-26

Always best to clean up glue when it's wet :)

Dried glue can be chipped off with a sharp knife and patience. It really doesn't come out of clothes, though.

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3dawgnight (author)mikeasaurus2017-03-26

Thanks, Mike. That's what I figured.

I didn't need house numbers. What I did need was a clock for the garage, so that I'm not surprised (and in the middle of a project) when the wife comes out and says it's time for bed. You can see where the glue seeped out. I should have cleaned that up immediately. Oh well. Lesson learned.

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mikeasaurus (author)3dawgnight2017-03-27

I'm guilty of the same - our wives must have the same internal clock to come remind us :)

For that glue seepage you can carefully chisel it out and follow up with a light sanding. You can definitely fix that.

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