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Dried bean experiment need help or ideas Answered


My experiment,

I heard that taco bell makes their re-fried beans out of a bag of dry mix. Im am not sure how true this is but wanted to see if I can make my own mix.

My first experiment is to see what happens if one grinds up dried beans and try to cook them.

The problem is I don't know of anything that can grind up a dried bean. I did find some grain grinders but I don't know if they are up for the task and the cheaper ones seem to break easily based on the reviews.  

I suppose I could bash them between a couple of rocks, but experience has taught me that the part I want to keep will most likely go flying. 

Any ideas will be appreciated 


Why would you grind up the beans? You cook them until they're tender,then mashed them!

Processed food technology is a cool thing to learn about. Dehydrating foods takes a lot of engineering and science and subjective taste testing to make something good. And it helps if you know how to cook in the first place. The situation here is that you would not grind up the the raw dried beans, you end up with bean flour and when you cook that up, you get glue. You need to soak and cook the beans first, flavor them and then take out the liquid water by various means of dehydration or flash freeze drying to preserve the texture and taste. A lot of research goes into this for those long range meals for the military or astronauts. Powder drink mixes like Tang were developed especially for that purpose. Happy hunting.

Thanks I happen to have an unused coffee grinder somewhere. I discounted it because I thought that the hardness of the beans would be a factor.

this experiment is as much about food exploration as turning out and edible product, So it should be fun to see what results I end up with even if it is glue.

Now I am thinking up applications for bean glue.

Sealing filled tortillas?

It probably comes in a 2 gallon bag as a paste that they heat up in the bag. Fast food places have as much stuff precooked, premixed as possible so that your dinning experience is the same across the country.

I think that it is neat that they use boat oars to mix the stuff up.