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Drilling straight big hole? Answered

I'm trying to drill 90 degree 14mm hole .
My hammer drill without hammering is too fast.  Cutting is not clean and wood splits. Maybe i'm doing something wrong.
I have  drill guide for it

I also have drill stand.
What I don't have is drill guid for my cordless drill.
As european I cant buy wolfcraft older model or any thing like this
I only have hand tools.


Drill bit is wood twist bit.

One problem is that hole is near the edge.

Maybe I need to drill more away the edge and then cut the plywood.

I dont need big piece of wood. .

a small piece of wood is more prone to split, or even spin with the drillbit.


4 years ago

If the wood is splitting / tearing up on the entry and exit of the hole, it's helpful to clamp some "sacrificial" scrap wood on top / below your working piece--the scrap wood takes the damage instead.

What kind of drill bit are you using? Spade or auger bits will just rough out the hole. They eat up the wood so you can drill the hole quick. You need the regular twist or forstner tip for smooth finish holes.

very slow feedrate is important. so is a sharp bit. clamp the wood to keep it from splitting. usually hi drill speed is good to prevent splitting.