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Drinking water safe foot pump? Answered

I am trying to make a dishwashing station for camping, and I havn't been able to find a design for a pump that seems food-safe. The designs that I have found for DIY use petrolium jelly for a seal.

I would prefer a foot pump, as most of the people that I camp with are young, short, or both. :-)

Help for the DIY and physics impaired, please.


Look here at one of my favorite ibles and you should be able to mod it a little to serve your needs.  In fact look thru that authors other ibles and you might find a few cool things you didn't know you must build!

Use the design you've found, but use a food-grade silicone grease - available from plumber's supply stores for the lube.



6 years ago

Some years ago I built a pressurized camp water tank. I bought a High density polypropylene vessel, and the appropriate water and air fittings. I used a12v tire inflator with an in-line filter and one-way valve to pressurize the tank. I gave it to my son several years ago and it still works great. You could substitute a hand or foot pump for the battery powered unit quite easily.