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Dual Boot Answered

I was following the instructions on apcmag for dual booting XP and Vista with Vista installed first and ran into a problem. Once I had gotten to the part about adding an entry for XP to easybcd I got stuck. The drive letter selection was grayed out. I added XP to the list anyway, and went into change settings. I set XP to the correct drive letter there, but when I rebooted and selected XP from the menu, I got a ntldr error immediately. Any help would be much appreciated.


try to copy ntldr to c:\ from a working computer with the same windows insert CD with vista or XP - the one that is installed in the 1st partition go to recovery console type there : fixmbr see what happens - sometimes it fixes the 1st system backup your data if you'd like before you do that (it should not touch the partitions at all just the MBR but if you really want to be safe . . ) if i needed to dual boot with 1 or more windows sytems i'd try lilo or grub (the linux boot loaders) for that. i think it can be used on its own wihout linux installed. idk for sure since i use lilo with linux (my only os) and dont use grub at all

thanks a lot. I have a computer running windows xp, so I just copied ntldr off of it onto the drive and rebooted. once I got to the os selection screen, I was able to boot into windows xp or windows vista without any problems. I noticed that once I had selected windows xp, however, it did not immediately boot up but instead went to another menu with two entries of windows xp. the first works, but the second doesn't. any reason why this is the case?

I have another problem. When I boot into XP and leave my computer running, it restarts and goes back into vista. I don't know how long it takes, but it always happens. Is this a dual boot problem or an XP problem?

. Possibly heat related. Clean all the vents and heatsinks. Make sure all the fans are running.

Sorry for not replying to this sooner. It was just auto restarting because of updates. Everything is working fine. Thanks for the help.

XP restarts for some reason then it gets to the boot menu and boots to default vista when time counts down its problem with XP it may be caused by heat (like NachoMahma said) / bad hardware (most common bad capacitors inside power supply / on mainboard) / leak currents thru dust on the boards it may be just that XP crashes for some reason (most common bad drivers) and its built to restart automatically when it crashes


9 years ago

I think it's better/easier to Install XP first, then Vista, I have it configured that way with no problems, it's also the way to dual boot with Linux.

I would, if vista wasn't preinstalled on my computer. I'm sure it would be easier, but I still want to keep vista, not completely switch to XP.

So you didn't get a backup CD or anything? the only other thing I can think of is to make a bootable backup DVD of your hard drive, then starting from scratch

I do have a backup cd, but I'm not sure how that would help me. Should I repair the xp installation and set up dual booting on it and then repair vista or what? I need some instructions.