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Duct Tape Wallets Answered

Talk about different methods of making them.


I've made 2 duct tape wallets...they're fun to make!

Ducti is a company that make them there so crazy i bought one and part of me wants to disect it to make templates or some thing but it is to cool they have what they "super duct tape" i would kill to get a lifetime supile

You actually bought one? Why buy one when you can make one? Hence the DIY.

Every signle duct tape wallet ive made has been entirely done by myself. I have never looked it up online. I hope to make a wallet out of duck brands HD CLEAR soon.

Those are awesome! If you put clear packing tape over the finished wallet then it will pretty much last forever, because they won't get destroyed in your pocket or from getting wet.

Usually I just wing it whenever I make a Duct Tape Wallet. I find when I experiment, and have no clear goal, I usually come up with something more interesting, and find new ways to make details. Here's one I made an 'ible about:
Magic Duct Tape Wallet


10 years ago

duct tape wallets are awsome! if only i new how to make them from memory!

i do they take ALOT of duct tape i've made i think three just off memory. i'll post more later