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Duct tape Flamingo and wall art. Answered

Just thought I would share some of my duct tape projects with you guys. They both took about 45 minutes.


I like how you did the lettering of your name there, the shadowing black pieces of vinyl really stand off from the letters, I like it.

Have fun getting the MATT off of your wall :D

No it actually comes off quite easily. And does not tear of the latex paint. I found this out after making many mistakes and having to fix it.

Some pictures would help...

What? You have no imagination? LOL I suppose he went to upload them, but before tagging them and before that final crucial step, clicked POST instead (I have done this a number of times with posts), and then didn't recheck it and just signed off.

it is fixed and that would also explain why the ible i posted didnt have pictures. Goodhart saved the day! again.

You've heard the old song that says: anything you can do, I can do better ? Well when it comes to mistakes, I can make that brag LOL

Haha. But seriously you correct me on all of my forums. (all two of them)

Well, it helps for me to have made all those mistakes FIRST ;-)

Oh i am sorry i am having trouble putting up pictures I will try again any tips on hhow to do so?