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Dude, Tell Me Some Jokes Answered

Post some of your favorite jokes, or I'll send hasslehoff after you



11 years ago


a ploar bear walks into a bar and says to the bar tender: "can I get a .......... (big gap) ...... beer ?" and the barman says "Hey, why the long pause?"

There was a bunny and he went to a Burger King. He asked "Do you have carrots here?" The person said no. The bunny came back the next day and asked for carrots again. The person there said "No, we don't have anything healthy like carrots." The next day the bunny asked for carrots again, this time he said "If you come back tomorrow asking for carrots, I'll nail your ears to the wall." So the bunny came back the next day and asked "Do you have any nails?" The person said no, they did not. Then the bunny said "In that case, do you have any carrots?"

ok, so there was a new worker at dunkin donuts. a customer walks up to him and asks "what do u sell here?" he says "i dont know" then the manager comes out and says to him "say donuts!" then another custmor walks in and aks "are the donuts fresh?" he says "i dont know" so the manager comes out again and tells him "say yes yes very fresh" then another customer walks in and asks if he can buy a donut and he says "i dont know" so the manager once again comes out and says " say if you dont someone else will" then a burglar walks in and pulls out a gun and say "what do ya got in the cash register?" he says "donuts" the robber screams "are you gettin freash with me?" he says "yes yes very fresh" so the burglar says "i'm gonna shoot you!" and he says" if you dont someone else will" BANG