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Duel moniters without the dvi to analog switch? help please? Answered

I need to know if i can set them up without using the dvi to analog switcher thing. please answer.

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orksecurity (author)2010-01-25

If you want both monitors to show the same thing, you may be able to just get away with wires.  If not, you need to take the video from two separate outputs -- the two outputs of your video card if it can support that, or two different video cards. If you can't find a combination of monitor inputs and card outputs which lets you do that with simple cables, you'll need an adapter plugged in between the two boxes.

Without knowing exactly what hardware you have, and being able to get my paws on it and its documentation, that's about the best advice I can give you. "Yes, it may be possible.".

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bubbaman22 (author)orksecurity2010-01-26

OK so heres the deal, i have 2 slots in my video card. one for dvi the other for analog. oh and one for HDMI to. and then theres this other vidieo slot which is the same as the dvi one but it doesnt seem to do anything., that one isnt on the video card its on the bottom of my comp.

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