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Duplicated entries Answered


I am new here and have a question. I was planning on taking part in the candy contest so I browsed the site, to find out how to successfully document my ideas.

While doing so I saw, that out of the three most viewed projects in the contest, two concepts already won last year:

last year:
this year

last year:
this year:

While the peppermint patties were made in a different way the Pop Rocks are basically the same. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of the contest, but I am kind of demotivated now to post something original. Is it taken into account in the judgement process, that a project has already been posted before? I have an idea on how to improve the Kryptonite Candy, would it be okay, to enter it in the contest? Sorry to post so many question, but I couldn't find out how the judgement process works and based on what criteria the projects are judged.

Thanks a lot


I am trying to put photos in my purple contest entry. I have never done one before.
Help it closes in 3 hours!

You've got until 11:59PM midnight San Francisco, California time as the deadline to post. That's only less than a day away, tomorrow...

Thank you for the info. I went crazy and entered 4 contests :)

Hi caitlinsdad, thanks for the answer and the reminder! The first project I wanted to do didn't work out as expected and I totally underestimated the time it takes to get good pictures...

You have to upload images first to your image library. I always upload images first and then edit the ible so that in each step I can select and add the images from the uploaded images library tab.. On your YOU profile(click on YOU at the top menu) look for images button/word on the left side. Just follow the prompts. Good luck.

For both of those projects (and for many other examples), the originality is not in the concept, but in the delivery. Just because somebody else has made the same thing as you, that does not mean your version should not be published.

Your approach might be cheaper, easier, more efficient, cooler, faster, easier to understand, or better illustrated. We have an amazingly wide range of members and casual readers, and they might find it easier to access one author's style over another, especially if they are using an online translator.

The only time "duplicate" projects are frowned upon is if one is just a straight copy of the other, in which case you ought to bring it to the attention of the site admins.

Thanks Kiteman! That makes a lot of sense. It just felt weird to me that last years winners were among this years entries.

If you have a unique spin on an idea or you can do a better presentation, by all means put up your instructable. It is understood that several people can come up with the same idea, are inspired by the same thing, but what the judges appreciate is the creative thought process that you put into the instructable and the effort to make it awesome. Gain that confidence. You gotta be in it to win it. Good luck.