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Dust shield for midi-lathe? Answered

I recently snagged a midi lathe to teach myself how to lathe. However, I live in a studio apartment. My landlord has approved the lathe and use of it, however, I did not realize just how much dust this produces.

As such, I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who has made a dust shield for a midi lathe. Preferable, collapsible. 


They sell lathe hoods (www.rockler.com) for dust collections systems that have a low wide opening that is positioned to pick up the turnings as they are created. This, plus some sort of shop-vac will work, with one of the many cyclones on the site as a nice upgrade. I used my shop vac and the wide tool with a couple of clamps to hold it in place, but the opening was not big enough to catch enough to bother. Or just build a big rectangular funnel out of thin cardboard and tape with the shop-vac.

I know of the shop vac hoods, but I was trying to stay away from that due to the fact that I can't run my shop vac at the same time as my lathe without blowing my fuse (I have a 15 amp fuse for aparment. Crappy, yes, but for day to day living, it does me just fine).
However...since you have used one before, I'm curious as to what type of shop vac you have. The one I have is a 8.5 amp, so the pull is decent. But if you have a small one that works, I may just do that [buy a small shop vac just for my lathe]

If you produce dust instead of shavings your settings are not right.
Unless you machine resin based plastics there should be little to no dust.
But it might help to misuse a range hood, place it behind the lathe and make a top and two side walls.
You can put proper lights on the ceiling and the range hood makes sure all the dust ends up in the filter.

My bad! My brain forgot the word "shavings" when I wrote this. Though, I do intend to turn some resin at a later date.
As for the light, thats a good idea I hadn't thought of. I'll have to sneak one in.

I think it would trash the range hood in short order, but its a very good idea.

The dust production depends entirely on what you are turning ! What is a "midi-lathe" ?

Bigger then mine but smaller then Yours?

Vac up the dust - BUT for most normal lathe use the material turned off should be in the form of chips or longer swarf.

Create a holder for a vacuum hose. Make it adjustable so you can keep it near where the tool meets the material. Sheild will only go so far. You'll really want to have everything sucked up before it can go anywhere.