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Dutch OSSENWORST recipe, anyone?? Answered

Had Ossenworst (or AwesomeBest as ive started referring to it!) in amsterdam, and really loved it. its a course, tender, raw beef sausage eaten in the netherlands. so good!

i would like a recipe, but haven't had any luck thus far... anyone know?




Best Answer 7 years ago

From what I can gather, ossenworst is essentially steak tartare, cased and very lightly smoked. Here is the best recipe I can come up with, based on research and personal experience. Note that it uses raw beef, so find VERY good beef and grind it yourself under VERY sterile conditions using a grinder that has been chilled in the freezer and a bowl set in ice. This is important for textural reasons. The recipe also uses "pink salt" (regular salt mixed with a bit of nitrite, available from many sources). DO NOT alter the ratio of meat to salt and weigh it out carefully. It prevents botulism and other nasty things, but it can also kill you. You'll have to experiment with the spice mixture, tasting as you go, but start with pepper, salt, mace, and coriander. Using meat from the shoulder, grind it and add your spices. Add 4 ounces of pink salt per 100 pounds of meat (adjust to your actual quantity of meat, maintaining the same ratio). Pack the mixture into beef middles (casings) tie into links, and hang to dry for one hour at about 90 degrees F. Transfer to a smoker and smoke for about eight hours at NO MORE THAN 90 degrees F, and less if possible.

Key points:
1) Keep everything very clean and very cold while grinding, and after.
2) Be very careful and precise with the pink salt.
3) Don't manhandle the meat. Be gentle. Don't muck around in it any more than necessary.
4) COLD smoke. If the smoker temp goes above 90 degrees, it will ruin the sausage.
5) Let the casings dry a bit once stuffed. This allows the smoke to adhere better.
6) Use VERY good meat.
7)DO NOT use pre-ground meat.

Good luck.

thank you so much! this looks great...! ill have to figure out where i can do some cold-smoking, etc. but this is a fantastic set of instructions. i had no idea about the spices or anything and i am very much looking forward to putting this plan into action. ill snap some pictures and post em when i do. first, to find an exceptional quality, humanely-reared, naturally farmed source for the beef ;-) thanks again!

(where have you found the casings...? i dont know where to start to look for them, as ive never made my own sausages. tho i would love to!)


Did you have good results with the recipe?

hey! actually, ive just had a thought... ossenworst is not eaten in a case! i remember we always completely removed the plastic packaging, and then carefully sliced the inside, which was just spiced, cold smoked ground beef. so... no casings. im not familiar with smoking meat, but im assuming, then, that it is cold-smoked outside of a casing and then just squeezed into something tubular --whether it be a casing or just packaging-- for sale, etc. not sure why they bother to package it this way if its just going to be removed (it looks like liverworst in a tube, crimped at the ends with metal). perhaps as it is more often than not sliced into thick rounds, rather than smeared on like filet americain. hmmm...

The casings are probably made of casein (originally intestine, though) which is air, water, and smoke-permeable. It is smoked in the casing, which lets smoke in and moisture out.


really? you dont think i tried that??? thanks.