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Dutchj's assault rifle Answered

This is my assault rifle. It was built with comfort being the top priority. It's already posted on KI, and if you want me to, I will post it here too. Specs are as follows: Comfortable stock, handle and foregrip. Strong, true trigger. Firing pin attached to a rail for stability. Removable magazine without pusher sticking out at the bottom Capacity: 15 Working sights.


i wish someone made a realy good sniper where the range is about 500 feet and has a really good scope and can leave a nice welp if it hits someone. That would be awesome and t would be better if it could transform into an assault rifle.

And you seriously believe that a K'nex gun could shoot 500 feet reliably? Even for a sniper with sniper rounds that's very unlikely and the accuracy won't be good. A K'nex assault rifle that can shoot 500 feet is simply impossible as far as I know.

and what would he need a range of 500 feet for?

I was gonna mention that.... Darn, why did I forget?

well, ya could get 500 ft wit A LOT of rubberbands and an uberstrong structure. It would be for a knex war for a sniper, i mean, a sniper wouldn't be like 15 ft from their target.

nah even with a ton of elastics u still probly wouldnt reach 500 feet. its just impossible. laws of physics wont allow it and knex wars? go ahead! youll shoot ur eye out


Lol, I didn't want to advertise the site too much, so I left the exact link out.

That doesn't really help anyone.


10 years ago

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