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Dyslexia Answered

I'm kinda dyslexic. Just thought I'd warn you all. I might get my words mixed up every now and then. Just for comparison, I'll write a sentence or two without fixing my mistakes: the quick breow2n fox jumped oner the laxy dog. hello, he name is YummyPancekes. I jknow that duslecia is where you get your works mixed up when you read, but it works the same for computer fetboards. So, me typing's kindas weird. Aorrt.



10 years ago


Reallu, ir is. (Really, it is.) Dang... It's like I speak a whole different language.

well, your use of the spelling of the word "favourited..." locates on which side of the world you "speak" from ;-)

Yeah. I live in the USA, but I talk like I'm from the UK. Weird.

I have picked up some of the slang, but not the spelling. We have enough odd ball spellings in our country without adding random "u"s in some words :-)

Yes. I'm guessing that you line in the UK, but were not born there?

No, I live in Pennsylvania (and always have), but have a close friend in the UK that I have spoken with for about 3+ years now. Vie hapt sie Pennsylvania Deutch to deal with. And that is confusing enough sometimes :-)

I bet you have a real love-hate relationship with spell-checkers!

We won't hold it against you, just watch out for sarcastic comments when the spelling gets really bad.

Like.... now? =)

See what I mean?

You behave, young man. Aren't you supposed to be in a lesson right now? Go and do something useful like voting.

Ooo! That Instructable was cool. I liked it. Voted & favourited.

lessons @ 5.56 AM? xD

-You behave, young man.

Oke grandpop. =) but was I relly dyssign dyslexicle people? 0_o

Blasted time-zones! My time-stamp says 05:56 for that last post of mine, but I was posting in my lunch-break.

Yeah. =) only teasing you. ;-)

dislexic not is I oll!

Shouldn't it be: "cixelsid ton si I"?

Normally, sets of the words/numbers get turned around, not whole sentences (although that CAN happen I suppose). I consistantly type out feild, knowing that it is spelled field.

Those of us that have the affliction or a similar manifestation of the affliction, tend not to "show off" their keyboards to people, because the "backspace key" is totally worn off form being used more then the spacebar *sigh*.

I know the feeling. I do so often but TRY to check my work and use a spell checker or two. But my numbers. ACK, I am more liable then not to transpose numbers......I "think" 12345 and I type 13255 It is VERY frustrating, I know.

yeah, i have dyslexia too. it really sucks, just another one of those challenges in life

And the thing is, there is no way to "spell check" one's number entries. But I know what you mean. We each have our own demons to deal with (so to speak)