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EAGLE CAD: how to create a schematic's description/author/etc.? Answered

Hey, I always wondered how I could make EAGLE auto-generate something like what is shown on the image bellow. I've seen so many just like that one...

Is that made "by hand" or is it auto-generated? How can I auto-generate it?

Thanks! :)

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pedrotome (author)2011-01-03

Thanks guys, I figured it out:
On the menu bar (on the top) select Library >> Use >> frames.lbr
Then, select Edit >> Add (or use the button on the tool bar), find the Frames library and select a frame. You can now place it anywhere on the drawing as if it were a component like a resistor.

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sle6 (author)pedrotome2013-12-09

Hi! thanks for the tip! I did fall in the same problem but solved by your tip. But in addition, I would like to have some editing on the Title Block's information such as version, some descriptions about the design and the frame's value...etc but I seem not to be able to select the frame and add such information. ANy idea?

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sgao (author)sle62015-02-15

You can just open the library where your added frame belongs to. Then in the library file figure out the specific frame that you used and open it. The last step is just change the DRAWING_NAME to your name and like so. And update date library in the file where you put this frame (or delete the frame and add it again).

P.s. From then on, your Name will always be there, when you use the same frame.

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seandogue (author)2010-12-24

Generally speaking, the title block is made by editing the schematic template, which is a simple cad frame composed of the title block and the border, into which you draw the schematic.

I own a different package and haven't used Eagle in quite a while, so I can't tell you the specific steps.

However, you may find some help at the Cadsoft website or by finding a users group, where I'd guess that someone would have encountered this question before (it is, in general, a common novice question when working with EDA suites. A quick email to Cadsoft might reveal the answer.

Best wishes

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Quercus austrina (author)2010-12-23

That is what is known as a "Titleblock". Never having used Eagle, I cannot say how this is generated, but it is obviously possible to create one if the picture is of a drawing done in Eagle. Have you looked at the help or tutorial sections? You should be able to find the information there.


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