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EDN references INSTRUCTABLES Answered

EDN (i.e. Electronic Design News), an electronics Engineering magazine has linked to Instructables concerning the taking apart of a CFL:

"Here's a photo of the innards of one of the CFLs that failed: Note the brown, too-hot-looking marks on the plastic base. (If you want to take a part a CFL yourself, I recommend the how-to article at Instructables.com."

The link to the EDN article is HERE.


huh, yeah, instructables is getting more and more famous!

I have been getting EDN, like almost forever. I like where they are going with their analog (subject) version of the Mag. :-)

EDN in case you were not aware stands for Electronic Design News. And it is free to those that "qualify" :-)

For years I got the "paper n print" version.

I've "qualified" since I was back in high school, though IIRC that involved "stretching the truth" a bit. :-)

EDN is one of those magazines that includes in each issue several "design idea" circuits that are relatively simple and frequently interesting. For instance, they published this Single cell white LED driver...

Yes, a little stretch from me too, but I was designing my own things occasionally and once they actually begged me, over the phone, to stay subscribed to their magazine. Higher subscriber rates, means they can charge more for adverts.


9 years ago

Huh. I skimmed through that article, but I didn't notice the reference to Instructables. (my instructable!) That's pretty neat. I was hoping the EDN article would have more detailed failure analysis; overall it didn't seem much more quantitative than the discussion in the instructable...

It is right is located on the article right over where the picture he posted is located on the article.

Perhaps I worded things badly. I didn't have any trouble finding the instructables reference it after Goodhart mentioned that it was there. I just hadn't seen it when I skimmed the article BEFORE Goodhart posted here.

you can stop telling me where it is. My browser does have a search function, too!

Yeah, it caught me totally by surprise too :-)

. It's right above the first picture in the article (same one as above).