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ESC,Battery,Motor selection for quadcoter Answered

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Hi, I am a beginner to build a quadcopter. so please help me in selecting ESCs , lipo Battery and Motor to make my own. I details of the parts are listed below :

Brushless Motor :
Brand: Racerstar
Item name: BR2205 2600KV Brushless Motor
RPM/V: 2600KV
Height: 31.5mm
Width: 27.9mm
Shaft diameter: M5
Motor mount hole size: M3
Weight: 28 grams
Voltage: 2-4S
Battery: 2-4S lipo battery
Max.current: 23.2A
Max.power: 710W
Internal resistance: Ω
Usage: for 250 260 280 Multirotor Frame Kit

Lipo Battery :
Brand : Lion power 
Configuration :  3S 11.1v
Maximum continuous discharge rate : 30C
Capacity : 4200MAH

Sustaining Input Voltage: 6-12V
BEC Output Current: 5V/3A
Continuous Output Current: 30A
Max Current: 35A/12s

 I just tested a brushless motor mentioned above with the esc and battery while the motor is running for about 10 seconds the esc is burnt.So is to possible to build a quadcopter with the parts listed above please help.
Thank You

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TechMartian (author)2017-08-16

I suggest using ecalc and confirm that you are not under or overdrawing current

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TechMartian (author)TechMartian2017-08-16

Also check this out: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-ANY-Professional-Multicopter/

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TechMartian (author)TechMartian2017-08-16

from having a quick look I see nothing blatantly wrong with your setup if you're using the appropriate prop, it looks like you drew too much current so that strongly suggests the prop you used is high pitch and / or larger than 6 or 7 diameter which you shouldn't do for this config.

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Downunder35m (author)2017-08-15

No offence but with all the RC and quadcopter websites out there - why not ask in a dedicated forum???
People who do this stuff on a daily base are far more likely to give you the answers you seek...

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ok i will try diydrones website

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