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ETA for winners of September's First Time Authors contest Answered

Do you know when the winners will be announced? thank you :)


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p36p (author)2017-09-27

The original ETA was officially yesterday. Ithe 2nd Friday also apply to this contest?

"Winner Selection. There will be 29 total winner(s) for the Contest. The winner(s) will be selected on September 25, 2017, and Sponsor will announce the winner(s) on September 26, 2017. Each winner will be awarded only the prize(s) for which that winner was selected, as described below."

thank you anyway I was just wondering if they are late or if the ETA was wrong.

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seamster (author)p36p2017-09-27

Ah, I guess I misspoke! It looks like they were just announced, although a day later than stated.

(Sometimes the contest team has to wait on sponsor feedback and what-not, which can occasionally delay the announcement of winners. But generally things are announced no later than the 2nd Friday after closing . . and apparently sooner in most cases!)

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p36p (author)seamster2017-09-27

thanks!! I deleted my topic has it has been updated :)
have a good evening

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