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EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system Answered

 EXTREMELY LOW!! flow fan/power system
I need to find an EXTREMELY low flow air movement system (Fan?) That can be powered on almost nothing! Think 1m^3/hr maximum. I need to link this with a low power solar system. (think calculator solar cell) Weight is everything. Really need to move 10-100cm^3 air every 2-3 minutes max with minimal weight and power requirements. Much lower than cell phone fan air movement with power that can be generated from a few-gram solar cell.

I am not sure this can be done mechanically, may need some kind of ion movement system. The point is to exchange air in a 50cm^3 volume enough to prevent condensation in medium humidity environments, (40% of the area is at dew point) where weight is important and no power is available beyond ambient room light.

5% royalty if product is ever brought to market.


maybe you could try to use the exesive power from the solarcell to charge a ~16 volt capacitor (I would guess somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000 uF would do the trick). You can discharge it on a set interval trough an ordinary fan until it is empty, which would only take a few seconds, probably less. Then automatically disconnect the capacitor from the fan, and recharge it. You might have to boost the voltage required to charge the capacitor, but I think this would work just perfect.

There are solar panels that are designed to work indoors under fluorescent room light, and the ones I've seen generate about 3V. A typical 12V computer fan will run (very slowly) at about 5V. Perhaps something like that would work for your project.

No... NO... dont tell us what you are building. Let us see if we can figure it out.  I say he is building something that will be deployed by NASA on another planet... that has cloudy atmosphere... that is why it must work in low light and has and that is why WEIGHT is important. 

 maybe i just missed something totally obvious but...what are you talking about and what is your question.  please restate it.