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Eagle Squad, my new airsoft group Answered

This is my new airsoft team, Eagle Squad. We need members. Please check out my site: http://www.eaglesquad.webs.com/ Please join.


You're in Washington! I've been looking for a good team, one that take tactics seriously. Where exactly in Washington are you located?

I am sometimes called "Mr. Handgun" by my teammates. I don't believe in spray-and-pray and I travel light and fast. My most used strategies are flanking and ambushing. I carry a full metal, Co2 Beretta 92 HFC M190 and a Co2 Interrogator pistol. 400 and 350fps respectively.

I once took out the entire enemy force as the last man standing. I flanked the enemy, snuck up behind a reloading tango, placed a gun to his head, and used him as a shield to take out his teammates. I'm always scanning for alternative solutions; under heavy fire I used a discarded car door as a riot shield to maneuver through an otherwise inaccessible alleyway, gaining the advantage for my team.

I'm willing to take risks, and I'm not afraid of getting shot.

If you can't tell, I'm very interested. ;)

IMG_5272.JPGCIMG0042.JPGCIMG0090.JPGPicture 29.png

I am in Marysville Washington, were are you? Theres more info at my site about Eagle Squad.

Gig Harbor, WA. How old are you and your teammates? What is your guns' fps? What type of terrain do you normally fight in: wooded, urban, open field, or wasteland? At what level of seriousness do you play: backyard, war sim with friends, or full-blown war sim?

I can answer a few of those, the rest should be on my site. We have not had a battle yet. Were trying to find a good paintball feild to use, outdoor woodland or urban. We want to make it tactical but not take away the fun. I have one gun right now. It is a spring Action S.P.A.S. 12 Combat Shotgun with folding Stock, it has 250 fps. The rest should be at my site.

I will consider it.

If you are looking for a battlefield, here is a great Airsofting place; it is a post-apocalyptic wasteland scenario. Link.

It is in Tacoma, you can zoom out to see exactly where it is. It is the best place I've been to so far.

Tell me when you do, I'll try to show up with my team.

K. Our first event is in January at the Eagle Squad field. Our 2nd or 3rd will probaly be there.

Well, we have two, its in my neiborhood. One is a HUGE forest and the other is a small are with two bases.

Tell me the date of the event (when you pick one), and I might drive up there and check it out. Not to equate skill with age, but your team looks a little young.

We are a bit young, but we are good. Before we got airsoft guns, we played alot with toy guns. And William is just a war freak. We are good.

Ok, sounds just like how I began Airsofting. First it was squirt guns, then pop guns, backyard Airsoft, paintball, and now semi-serious* war sim. with friends.
If I have the time, and I'm feel like driving over an hour in Seattle traffic, I might come to an event.

*Not as serious as those two-hundred+ man team battles that last several days.

I'll see if I can make it, it's kind of a long drive...
Here's some insignias I sketched up, just for the heck of it.Ignore the "Spl1nt3rC3ll's Geocoin."

Geo front.jpgGeo-Back.jpg

BTW, this might be better suited in "community blog" rather than "burning questions."