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Early Halloween Costume Question (Button Costume- What should I call myself?) Answered

I know it's early, but today my friend and I were talking about what we wanted to be for Halloween. Since I bought a very expensive costume last year, I wanted to make a costume this year using what I have. I collect buttons, so I had the idea that I could pin them all over a shirt and a pair of pants. My friend suggested that I use specific types of pins in a theme (ex: political buttons for a political activist, video game and science buttons for a geek/nerd).

But, I want to use all of my various types of buttons on one costume. I want my Yankees buttons, Evanescence buttons, political spoof buttons, abstract art buttons, and UAA stop codon buttons all at the same time!

What can I say that I am dressed up as (beside a button collector)?


Wear dark shades, carry a toy gun, and call yourself a button-man. (Yet another term for a hit man.) Though personally, I'm of the strong opinion that any costume which has to be explained is not a good costume.

You should cover yourself with roll-on cork and say you're a bulletin board.  Instead of using real cork, you could alternatively try altering your clothes to look like it via tie-dye or paint.