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Easiest way to make a timer switch? Answered

I am making a project that requires a timed-switch. Basically, I want to push a button and have an opened switch, then fifteen or so minutes later I want the switch to close. Is there a way I can do this with a variable time without a microcontroller?

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ben_xman (author)2012-09-01

I am having a similar problem. Except that I need it for an AC circuit.

I am making this for an exhibit at the Independence Science and Technology Center in Kansas.

Basically, I have several appliances (fan, water pump, light) that only need to be on for a short amount of time. The people come into the exhibit and will press a button which turns on the appliances for about 10 minutes. Then it closes the circuit after that. Then when the next person comes they can push the button again to make it start up. Please note that this will be running on 120V AC.

This prevents the appliances from running 24/7. Plus every time I open I won't have to turn it on.

Thank you for your help

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iceng (author)2011-10-15

Here you are, a mechanical timer turning on / off AC power as you asked


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iceng (author)iceng2011-10-15

This is a mechanical kitchen like timer with added contact button and works
without AC.. In fact it can do your DC.
Sorry, there is no start button for you.

I'm beginning to think you do not choose to search your subject.
Do you mean you want an electronic timer Non Micro like a 555 timer ? ?
Look on the right side of this page for more timers.


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sblaptopman (author)iceng2011-10-15

Are you saying that my wish to do it without a microcontroller is ridiculous? and it would be DC power.

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iceng (author)sblaptopman2011-10-15

Are you unseeing, that simple timer can run a relay which CAN switch AC
as well as DC. Just plug this into the timer and you have switched AC or DC.

NO MICRO...... Oh, you couldn't be so t-ic.... . you tease .. .. .. .. A

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Kiteman (author)2011-10-15