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Easily connect to wifi at home but at some wifi cafes wont connect Answered

I have had no problem connecting to my home wifi but I am having problems at some wifi networks at cafes in my town. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 notebook. This problem has started up recently. it is unpredictable when I cannot connect to the wifi network at my favorite cafes. I have checked the passwords and they are all correct. I get this message: Connected to wifi network but above it says No connection to the internet. When I open up my browser...either chrome or firefox there is no connection.

Can someone hlep me solve this problem.



Oh there are multiple possibilities. I myself have a similiar issue sometimes at college. My WiFi module connects properly, but then gets stuck "Identifying.". sometimes forcing me to reboot.

The most standard solution is to "flush" the DNS. Go to command-prompt (or run "cmd" depending on windows) and type in "ipconfig /flushdns" in the console (no quotation marks, if unsure Google the command for various tutorials!). this will cause your cache to empty. its a handy command to remember if browsing seems to go a bit problematic.

However for your specific problem what you have sounds like a DHCP problem. which once set tends to be the same after first connect (and can cause trouble after a while). While connected to the Cafe wi-fi (wether you have connection to the internet or not) Go to the command prompt again. Once there use the command "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew". This will cause your system to request a new ip from the network its connected to(like its connecting for the first time), hopefully resolving issues and such!

Chances are it's an IP issue where your system is expecting to use a certain IP that is already in use by someone else there. Try cycling your Wi-Fi off then on again and see if that helps. Otherwise you'll have to talk the the person in charge of the cafe's network for help.