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Easy to make mail sorter? Answered

I get so much mail everyday and my mother-in-law just tosses in a pile at my spot at the table. I'm usually so tired after work and other things take priority. In the end I have a huge mess and have no space to do anything. I picked up a cheap 3 slot mail sorter but it filled up too quickly and didn't have enough slots to separate my mail effectively, and the cat kept knocking it off the table. I'm looking for an organizer to hang on the wall that has about 10 slots or more and a place for stationary, pens, paper clips, post-its, etc... All the ones I have found online are way too expensive.


Depending on how much you need to be able to sort, and how much wall space you're willing to take up, websearch "wall pocket". You could buy, or build something similar.

I've seen the plastic air deflectors sometimes used for floor registers in hot-air heating systems pressed into service for this purpose, when larger pockets were needed.

I'm trying to avoid buying anything due to the fact I have bad shopping habits. I'm trying to improve our living situation while not breaking the bank every couple of weeks. Of course the one I would work cost around $60. Some of the things I want to improve in our house I can't because it's a rental. I just want an instructable on how to make this mail organizer.

Look at those photos. Fold and tape or glue cardboard to produce something similar. It won't be as durable -- you'll probably have to re-glue and/or replace it periodically -- and it wont' be attractive, but it will work and be nearly free.

I'll do my best. I'm just being exhausted with life and don't want to have to think about measurements and how to put something together. I was trying to take the easy way out and hoping someone would provide a basic "cut and paste" kind of plan.


7 years ago

Go to the hardware store and get a box of cup hooks and a box of binder clips.
Screw the cup hooks into a board and hang it on a vertical surface.
Sort the mail and use a binder clip to hold the sorted letters and then hang them from the cup hooks.

binder clips.jpgcup hooks.jpeg

Nice idea but I have way too much mail. plus, I have a tendency to cause binder clips to go flying across the room.. never to be seen again.