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Easy to use MP3 player with large buttons - for old people Answered

Hi everybody,
I'm looking to make/buy an MP3 player for my mother : it must be easy to use! large buttons, big display,replacing labels, etc 
Do you have any ideas/suggestion where I could find it or how I can make it ?
thank you very much in advance for helping my mother to listen (again) to her favorite music from the 30s :)


Not trivial, but you COULD do it with this


Add an Arduino, and add keys to the Arduino AND a nice big display made of LED matrix.

Also try your local charities for the visually impaired - they may well have access to such devices already.



6 years ago

Rather than trying to modify the hardware, I would use the Rockbox voice extra for the visually impaired. I have my Sansa Fuze set up with Rockbox and it is great. I don't use the voice extra, but it is certainly available HERE:


Upgrading a display may not be possible. There you get into all sorts of hardware issues. The chip driving the existing display won't be able to handle another larger display. Also the software in the MP3 player is written for that display and may not translate over to a larger display. Most of your DIY options will leave you without a screen, or stuck with the existing screen of a modded player.

How are your soldering skills?

You can always but a decent MP3 player, open it up, replace the buttons it has with wires running to the buttons of your choice and drop it all into a larger enclosure.

Your best option may be to go buy your mother an iPod Classic. You could pretty much operator it with you elbow if you had to. If a 2.5 inch display isn't big enough then look into getting an iPod Touch.

Hi, my soldering skills are fine. And yes I thought about wiring the buttons to the ones of my choice. How about the display ? Would it be easy to wire another bigger display?

P.S. my mother would never be able to use an iPod :( Too many choices "Artists", "Music", "podcast", etc Too confusing. Really need to only and easily select the artist and the song and then hit play