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Ebola.............. yes, the virus :( Answered

So guess what i just learned today?

Ebola is coming back into style!

Read for yourself....

I hope it doesn't spread....


Scary... I ain't going to africa anymore

Oh, because you said anymore, it sounded like you had been to africa...

Well, when i collected enough money i wanted to go there

You do know Africa is the poorest continent.

I know... But the cheetas would be worth it

So are you going to hunt them or watch them?

have you seen any National Geographic documentaries? basically like that, but with more people

Plasmana, do you not think the government would GREATLY benefit by rather curing loathsome diseases? They have everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose, by "allowing a cure to be created and spread". What possible motive could they have for squashing a cure? Do you mean they publicly fund it and yet secretly work against themselves? If they are so powerful why have they any need to hide anything? Do you not believe that laws concerning free speech and probable cause are adhered to? You will not be arrested for voicing an opinioin online about the government, as long as you don't threaten anyone or do anything illegal. I somehow doubt that you know the government's dark secrets. Or governments', for that matter.

They do many great benefits, and because they are so powerful, they can do pretty much anything they want to do - and they have some dark secrets... I can send you a PM of one if you want...

xD ROFLOL. If they're so powerful, and can do pretty much anything they want to...why would they hide anything...? Um, sure. Why not. I would be interested to see what exactly you are referring to.

Is it not true that sometimes power comes FROM hiding something?

It is not true, at least not in all cases. Military power, for instance-superior firepower is superior firepower whether or not it is secret.

yep. However, acting like you have inferior firepower, maybe you can get the other side overconfident and have a more complete victory.

But the point is power does not neccessarily come from the concealment of information.

Concealment of information is meant to keep the enemy guessing what you having and keeping the public under control because if the public learned of some of the governments secrets who knows what would happen?

This does not equal power, however. If anything, such a theory points towards the government not having enough power to "control the public".

Please note that I do not endorse any position, side or government. I am merely pointing out that secrecy is not neccessarily essential to having power.

Actually not true i like to bring up Richard Nixon again because he is a good example of seceracy going bad when his secret was revealed to the public it went into chaos and empeached him. So secreacy is one of the keys to power just not one of the main ones.

I never said it would not get you power ever, merely that you can have power without secrecy.

One of the dark secrects which was released by one of its own people was Water Gate with Nixion. I think it was Deep Voice.

Yes thats the name thanks for the reminder my american history is kinda rusty.

Sun Tzu, the famous chinese general, said, "Deception is the art of war."

Ah Ebola (or Marburg, if you please).... Arguably the most potentially devastating disease on this planet. It's astounding that infection came so close in the US. Can you imagine 80% of he people you know dead within two weeks?

I heard that ebola liquifies human bodies and there is no cure for it.... (I did not read the link)

There is always a cure for a virus scientist would not allow that to happen.

are you saying that scientist are purposely withholding an antidote to several deadly viruses?

No i'm saying would not allow a virus to be uncurable probably the only reason why the haven't found a cure is because other types of virus and disease are hould ing the scientist up.Thats what i mean.

nope, that's not really it There has been research done on the virus, and at this point, it is un-cureable there are samples of most viruses at the pentagon

or in USAMRID oh noes!! I live close to that!! fine, I'll move down to georgia oh noes!! CDC!!!

well, come to california! it's always warm! tho there is the ever-present danger of an earthquake

it's a little crappy, you can feel the springs when you lay down...

psh... no Have you seen the Wizard of Oz?

Ooh ok i see where your getting at it is similar to cancer for now where there is no cure at all mabe a treatment that mihgt work but usually will not.

ya... cancer is more cure able, it can be cut out/removed, but this desise... it goes everywhere!

Ya the picture tells alot. Him Maybe in the next 50years Ebola will be less lethal. It took that long for cancer to atleast be somewhat curable.

ya, in 50 years, it could spread to all other continents by that time!

Well if the info is correct we have five years to worry about allot since it happens every 10 years. By that time hopefully they will have a fesabile treatmnet