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Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree Answered

Y'know, I've always wondered about this.

An aquarium filled with exotic fish here is using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.

Each time the electric eel at the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium touches a copper wire in its tank, it sends power that lights up globes decking a Christmas tree.

From the Mainichi Daily News. Can't get the link to work to verify, so possibly a hoax.

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srikar06 (author)2007-12-06

well its possible but i thought eels only release electricity when they are hunting fish as to paralyze or kill the fish making it easy to munch on

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Kiteman (author)2007-12-06

The link from your link goes to a story with the same picture and a load of Japanese script. Clicking the "English" link returns you to the version you linked to. Other blogs that mention it all seem to link back to the story you quote.

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