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Electric Mountainboard Build? Answered

Hey guys I am planning on building a semi cheap electric mountainboard. I would like 20+mph(25?) and am thinking that this is what i will need:



Im not sure on this one, HELP! I would like a rc esc not a scooter controller.

2x http://www.batteryspace.com/nimhrechargeablecellcsize12v5000mahwithtabs10pcs.aspx
2x http://www.batteryspace.com/sealedleadacidbattery12v75ah20hrsforupsseascooterande-bikes.aspx

(Or something like this, I'd rather not buy from Japan for shipping costs.)

Will a rc esc work and talk with my motor? They are both DC but idk if they will. I know battery type doesnt matter as long as the esc gets the power. So I was wondering if you could help me find a suitable brushed 24v 28a+ esc... Thanks I hope this will be a fun project!!


Battery V. heavy - Motor likely to draw in excess of 70 Amps+ under load. so RC ESC not suitable.

For the most part a simple on off switch is all you need.

Your not going to get much running time with this at any suitable weight.

Welcome to the issues that beset the electric vehicle world.

To reduce battery weight you need to go to Lithium cells (at a cost) and to understand how to charge and care for them.

I know that lead acid batteries are very heavy and I am strongly considering spending a bit more on the nimh batteries to save weight.

The motor SHOULD only draw less than 30A peak and I have a buddy who has a 24v 45A continuous 200A peak brushed MPI MX 9170.
But its if the rc ESC and motor are able to communicate with very little glitches, as I know that you usually control them with a scooter controller, that I really want to know.

I am 110 pounds now and am hoping to be able to use this through highschool just as a fun and short range transport thing. Considering the board will weigh probably close to 35 pounds, that will be a 150ish pound load right now, and probably 190-200 later. Thanks for the post, and I dont just want an on/off switch(that would be very easy though (: )

Our electric car with a 250 watt 24 volt motor could easily trip the 70 Amp circuit breaker under heavy load.

Although a bit heavier than your board the drivers were much lighter being only 11 years old and picked for being small.

Trust me this motor is likely to pull some big amps - sometimes -

We found using a speed controller an unnecessary complication turning the motor on and off did just as well.

To use on the road this is more than likely illegal.

Yeah i dont think 11 year olds can drive anymore.... haha. An on/off switch would not be practical for me because I need soft, torquey power for a startup.

Will a rc ESC work just as well with a scooter motor as a designed-for-a-scooter controller?

Much depends - My thinking without trying it is that no It won't work. The motor WILL pull a lot more current at start up or under heavy load than you think.

Ok thanks a bunch Rick. I will look into different escs.

A 2-stroke engine would be much lighter...