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Electrical Engineering Schools Answered

I want to go to a good electrical engineering college. I've been looking at schools like Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I'm leaning toward Georgia Tech, but which college would be the best. My Reach is MIT, considering my scores are high enough.
So if I magically get accepted to all electrical engineering colleges, which should I go to?  

My potential college list:
Boston U
Bucknell U
Carnegie Mellon U
Cornell U
Franklin W Olin C En
Georgia Tech
Miami U Oxford
Penn State U Park
Polytechnic I of NYU
Rensselaer Polytec I
Stanford U
U Calif Berkeley
U Illinois Urbana
U Michigan
Villanova U
Virginia Tech

All offer Electrical engineering and rank in the Top 100 based on various US surveys and ranking list for Graduate Education 



6 years ago

Well according to The Times Higher Education ranking Caltech is the best engineering school in the U.S. I wrote an article about it and The Times Higher Education World Rankings.


I know nothing about US universities, but some questions you should ask are:

> Which one does the courses you want?

> Which one provides the extra-curricular options you want?

> Which one can you afford?

> Which one has the best reputation with the kind of employers you plan on getting a job with in future?

I've done tons of research,and am having difficulties in finding the answers to those kind of questions. My budget is 250k, so most schools like MIT in the us are in that range. So far I've only see schools like Harvard are more than that, so cost won't be an issue, and I've gathered that going to Georgia Tech and MIT give you instant real world credibility, even if your only accepted. Also, the social scenes at these top engineering schools is pretty nonexistent, but i'm OK with that, i'll manage. And, at some schools, they mainly care about getting your money, they don't give too much care if your grades are slipping, apparently more so at GT than MIT. Not sure about other schools, i'm still researching.

How about the schools I just added?

UK schools have a very high reputation in EE too - and you'd probably get change from your 250K.....


Try getting in touch with the student bodies (over here, that would be the Student Union), try and talk to people already doing the courses you are interested in, get a bit of honesty.

Lots of research needed. How does the school stack up in reputation IN YOUR FIELD ? Over here, "Oxford" is highly rated - but its engineering isn't. From over here, MIT and Georgia Tech are seen as rated schools in the USA, Michigan U., less so.

Erik, the Instructbles site creator is an MIT alumnus.