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Electrical Question that I'm too stupid to word correctly: How to you re-attach a cable/chord to an appliance? Answered

So I have a back massager that I've been using for a few years and I would just pull on it to unplug it (stupid, I know) and so now it seems as if the cable has come out from the appliance (even though there is no visible damage). Because of this the connection to the back massages isn't solid, making the appliance turn on and off. Does anyone know how I could make the connection solid, or should I give up and get a new one? Thanks!


Did you pull on the lead to unplug it, ( the loose connection will be in the plug) or did you pull on the massager (the loose connection will more likely be inside the appliance)?
You should stop using it until you fix or replace it. It is a fire/shock hazard.

First determine where the fault is by plugging the massager in and switching it on. Wiggle the cord vigourously where it enters the plug and see what happens (possible loose connection). Then work your way along the cord to determine if there is any internal damage (least likely unless you have been swinging from the ceiling with it). Then do the same to the appliance end of the cord (most likely spot to find a problem). If  any of this produces intermittent operation, then you know where the problem is.

If it is the plug end, and it is the rewirable type, then you just need to open the plug and reattach the wiring. If it is a non rewirable moulded type plug you will need to cut the plug off and buy and attach a rewirable type. If the fault is in the cord itself, you can either cut the cord shorter thereby removing the damaged bit, or purchase a new cord and plug, and reattach it. If the fault is at the appliance end, open the massager up and reattach the wiring to the terminals. If the wiring is not loose at this end, then the fault is internal and probably beyond repair. Time for a new machine.

When I say reattach loose wiring, I mean disconnect all the wires, cut the ends off, strip the wires to expose new copper and then reattach to the terminals.

All repairs (after initial testing to find the fault) are of course to be done with the appliance unplugged from the power outlet.

Also, if you are certain that the problem lies within the appliance, and the cord has started to pull out, just open the massager up and have a look. (unplugged of course). Most appliances have a "tortuous path" where the cord runs around some small posts or through some sort of clamping system to stop it from being pulled out. Reatach your wiring, and rectify the cord clamping situation. If the cord relies on the casing of the massager to clamp down on it, try tying a knot in the cord to stop it from being pulled out of the case.


5 years ago

If the plug into the machine is intermittent a contact cleaner might help.

A bit of alcohol on a Q-tip can clean the contacts
Or a spray from an electronic cleaner.


Don't get a new one yet. It should not be hard to fix it.

Turn it on and move the cord around at the plug end and at the appliance end then you should find out which end causes the problem. It can be in the middle too, but seems less probable.

If it is in the appliance end then first you have to figure out how to take the thing apart. Everything you do there, do while the appliance is DISCONNECTED FROM THE MAINS SOCKET!!! (It's a question of life and death so double check after every move you make.) If you get to the cord connection there are probably few possibilities how it was connected. Try to find out where the damage is. Even if you can't see the damage it's worth a try to make the cabel shorter from that end. There are few possibilites how the cabel might be attached, if you can't figure out on your own how to make new connection then post a new question on instructables with images of the current connections.

If the problem lies in the plug end of the cord then cut that end a bit shorter and follow Vyger's advice about new plug.


5 years ago

There may just be a short in the plug where the wire connects. This is an easy fix even if you are not that experienced with wires. What you need to do is go to your local hardware store and buy a plug end. You will need to know if you need a 2 wire or a 3 wire so if possible count the wires in your cord. When you get your plug end home just take a pair of wire cutters or even heavy scissors and cleanly cut off the existing cord end. Then just follow the directions in the plug package for attaching the new one. That should fix your problem for only a few bucks and a few minutes of time.

A short usually makes mains power blow its fuse. If this has not happened and the the cord has had mistreatment of pulling it too much then a disconnection seems more probable.