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Electro-Magnet Answered

ok, i'll be frank. i need to find out how to build an electro magnet with and effective ranger of about twenty or so feet i find it very interesting. and have always wanted to snatch up a small object/scramble a crowd of cellphones. former more than the latter. any help would be very appreciated. THANKS

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guyfrom7up (author)2008-04-02

well, magnetic force = amps through wire x nbumber of coils. Remember, wire has resistance, so in a lot of situations a thicker wires with fewer turns is actually better than a thin wir4e with a ton of turns.

You might be able to get by with a deep cycle, heavy duty car battery.

Use the gauge of wire that matches the insternal resist6ance of your battery. For example, if it can deliver 1 amp, don't use a 4 gauge wire, use something around 22 gauge.

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Bran (author)2008-04-02

You'd need a heck of a power source and a helluva lot of wire.

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