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ElectroMagnetic Pulse Generator Answered

Does anyone know how to make an electromagnetic pulse generator and im not talking about an EMP


can you be more specific about the requirements, when to use it, and a better description of what you want please?

Well truth be told I'm not exactly sure what i want. could some one maybe just explain it to me and then i could tell you what i want.

an emp is something that kills all elechal objects in sep the 1s that have emp shading which there only 3 thing that do but there's 2 ways i no of making an emp an ebomb and a nuck thow are the only 2 things that make emp then agen there no pint using a nuck cus it just kill everything

if you want to pass a pulse through a coil, you cant. a coil resists rapid changes in direction and induces an feeback current in the opposit direction. if you want an electromagnet that goes on and off, use a 555 in astable mode


10 years ago

You lost me at "...and im not talking about an ElectroMagnetic Pulse"...

what i meant was not some thing that gives out one pulse but can continually put out an electro magnetic pulse

so basically an emp generator coupled to a 555 in ashtable as the impulse generator.

Hi! I would like to ask if you could teach how to make your own EMP generator?