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Electrolytic Capacitor Horizontal Footprint Eagle Answered

I am designing a very simple but small PCB in Eagle. Size is a constraint and the enclosure is pretty small. I had a 100uF electrolytic capacitor in the schematic which I realized will not fit vertically in the enclosure while making the prototype. So to make it fit, I kept a few mm of leads between PCB and capacitor while soldering and then bent it horizontally on top of a nearby crystal. This was a quick fix but now I want the schematic to have space for it. I have enough free space to put it lying down but can't find any footprint for a horizontal radial polarized cap.

I'm sure I saw one such component in some schematic or in the library but can't find it. Even google results mostly gave axial caps. The only thing near to what I wanted was this diagram, but it had no footprint.
The last resort will be to design my own footprint. Can anyone please help?




5 years ago

It's easiest to find it in a library, but making your own isn't too hard (youtube and instructables abound).

If it is a once off, just draw a top layer keepout/restrict rectangle by the pins.

or wait, you're just gluing it down. draw in the names/tdocument layer.

ok thanks, I found a tantalum drop polarized cap in bundled eagle library which is about the same size(but not shape). Will use that with some tPlace drawings. Thank You for your help. But was hoping to find a pre-made library. :(

You can spend longer looking than doing. Practice designing library components. Personally, I use a professional package that takes me a couple of minutes to run up simple components, and maybe 30 to run a 100 pin TQFP design.

Thanks quatcha and steve. I've looked up a few tutorials on making components. Almost done with the new one.

Can you share this component with me?
My e-mailaddress is info [at] fromScratchEd {dot} nl