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Electronic Project. Which one? Answered

Hey, I am bored lately, nothing to do my flamethrower has broken down, so I dunno what to do now. Does anyone has a enjoyable, fun and dangerous (Mildly lol) Project for me? Like a phone jammer, a taser, a... well something.

Ps: For the Beginner Pyro/Electronic/Soldering Guy.

Thanks a lot

Send ideas to cbeam@globalgeo.co.za and How to do it!

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jules15 (author)2010-01-17

Can u do an instructable on how to make an electric igniter that it 100 PERCENT RELIABLE 100 PECENT OF THE TIME thanks

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snowpenguin (author)2009-03-05

You should ask people to post answers down here, as many people have the same question and want to hear the answers.

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