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Electronic components store Answered

What stores do you recomend for electronic components? Must ship to Europe at a reasonable price, and don't have 7 weeks delivery time to Europe.



11 years ago

Europe is tough. try http://www.voti.nl/shop/catalog.html

He's got a good reputation on the PICList and has a good selection of parts; he seems to pick up some of the more interesting surplus bargins that appear in the US as well.

I actually search on eBay for some great deals. I’ve bought LEDs (100 for 99cents USD), heat shrink tubing, super magnets, resistors, and wire of all gauges. In your search you can specify location, currency, and high/low price range. Shipping varies, as some sellers will try to gouge a little, but you can probably find what you need at a price you can stomach.

For TTL chips (I know I’m showing my age here) and Op Amps you can Google for instance “7400” and get back all varieties of CMOS, MOSFET, and whatnot, as well as finding pin-out diagrams and specs.

I doubt this will help in Europe, but as an absolute last resort, I hit Radio Shack. Stay away from the ones in the malls, they only carry “Consumer Electronics”. Find a “stand alone” shop or strip mall where the manager is a hobbyist, and you’ll find parts, boards, tools, etc. The markup is ridiculous, but you can “get it now”.