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Electronics! What type of circuits, are needed to design a remote control flashlight. Answered

I would like to turn on a small battery powered light by remote control. Is there a web site that sells the parts needed? Someone suggested a remote control relay would be needed. By circuits I mean a general group like PLC's.


Can you provide more details of your application? Do you mean like radio control, or infrared? Range requirements, how powerful of light, etc?

Thanks . A small remote the size used for most (real) cars. Range requirement about 10 to 15 feet. Device: a small led flashlight or key chain light. When camping out it would be useful to have a remote that would allow you to turn on a light in your tent or identify the location of your backpack etc. in the middle of the night.

How about using one of those wireless-doorbell-chimes?

I mean you'll have to take it apart and maybe do a little bit of reverse engineering, to figure out what wires go where, and adapt it to your application. Take a look at this link, as an example of someone who has already done this:

Example of such a product: (Home Depot, approx 13 FUSD)

Also note there are other places selling RF transmitter-receivers combos in module form, e.g.
But these will typically be more expensive than the hacked-wireless-doorbell


Thanks for the ideas and links. Now I need to do some more thinking. Bob