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Electronics kits production , How to ? Answered

i live in Egypt
All electronics here are being imported even the basic kits which can be easily made
i had a friend who owns a small company for importing electronics
and i want to convince him to produce some of kits (assembled) instead of importing it
for example something like this
what are the needed machines that would do something like small basic kits
something that able to make PCBs  and assemble the parts on it
with medium quality  ,good price,and for small or medium business



Best Answer 6 years ago

There are several companies that make printed circuit boards. They also often offer free software to design the pc board then you just click a few buttons to order however many boards you want. This can be a very difficult thing to figure out (learning curve) even if you have some knowledge of electronics. I tried 3 different ones before i found one i could figure out how to use. First i tried PCBOARD123. but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Then I tried EAGLE pc board software... same story, i couldn't figure out how to use it. Then I tried EXPRESSPCB and i was able to figure out that one pretty easy. They have a deal that you can get 3 pcboards (aprox 3 inches by 4 inches size) for about 65 bucks. They probably have other deals that are cheaper if you buy more quantity. Each software has its advantages and disadvantages and you can also see users of most of them if you search youtube. You can download EXPRESSPCB at that webname just add the dot com to that name if you want to try that one.

thanks for sharing your experience
but i think i didn't explain well
i want to be able to produce it myself in a small company

Making PCBs on a VERY small scale isn't too hard, but for more, you're probably better buying them in.

Surely you can get PCBs made in Egypt ?


making PCBs is not the only problem
but assembling the parts on it is the point

You said "kits" implying that the parts would be put on by your customers !


My fault.
i mean something like arduino board for example or something like this

Something like that can be hand assembled without too much effort, in small quantities.